Wagner Zerspanung
Numeric manufacture of parts in different materials
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified
…experience competence since 1991
Company portrait

"What I can do for others, I can also do for me."
With this mind Franz Wagner chanced 1991 the step into self-deployment. He began with the processing of aircraft parts and custom-made products.

1991 Company founding through Franz Wagner, Donauwörth, local center Schäfstall

1996 followed the relocation to a larger production hall

2008 relocation to Oberndorf

2012 Change of name in Wagner GmbH

The longtime company strategy to service different branches prove to be an advantage.

„Together to success“
Prerequisite for well benefits and quality are the qualifications and the satisfaction of the staff. With in-house trainings, as well as further education the high qualification of the staff is ensured.